I tie all the flies and fish with most of them.  The panfish flies are designed to be cast with a 3wt fly rod or heavier, while the bass flies can be cast with a 5wt fly rod or heavier.  Each fly has a brief description. 

Bass Tournament flies are heavier and require a larger fly rod to cast - an 8wt with a bullet or shooting head taper with a heavy leader are needed as a minimum.  This is especially true with the Senko worm flies.  These are the flies that I use in kayak bass fishing tournaments when using a fly rod.

Payment is processed by PayPal.  Don't want to pay me using this website?  E-mail me your order and I will send you a PayPal invoice.  Shipping through PayPal is $4.00.

Want to pay by check or money order?  Minimum $30.00 order and pay $3.50 in shipping.  Use the linked order form (pdf) below.  Make check or money order out to:  Zeke's 3wt Panfish Flies.  The mailing address is: 1469 Grand Cayman Circle, Winter Haven, FL  33884. 

Order Form

For all payment methods, if you live in Florida, you will pay 7% sales tax.   All other locations will not pay sales tax because my business is exempt - it is too small for internet sales tax.

International orders are possible, please e-mail me first with the flies you wish to purchase and the city/country you are ordering from.  I will coordinate shipping charges with you and ultimately send you a PayPal invoice.     

 e-mail: zekepanfish@verizon.net 

See a fly you like but want it in a different size?  I can probably accommodate.  Inquire via e-mail.

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