I tie all the flies and fish with most of them.  The panfish flies are designed to be cast with a 3wt fly rod or heavier, while the bass flies can be cast with a 5wt fly rod or heavier.  Each fly has a brief description.  Descriptions in yellow are the flies I always have in my fly box.   

Shipping is $3.50 for within the United States, $10.50 Canada, and $12.00 for all other international orders.  Shipping remains the same regardless of the size of the order.

Payment is process by PayPal.  You can pay with your PayPal account or via a credit card.  You can also pay by check or money order, make payment to:

Zeke's 3wt Panfish Flies, 5523 Kathy Drive, Titusville, FL  32780.  

To view/download an order form, click the ORDER FORM at the bottom of the page, use the website for current pricing.

e-mail: zekepanfish@verizon.net

Some of the wet flies have glass bead heads.  While ideal for still water fishing, they are vulnerable to breakage when fishing around rocks, concrete abutments, and docks. 

When I consider a hook for tying flies, my first question is, "How easily does the hook release the fish?'"  That is why the majority of my flies are tied on Togen hooks.  The hooks are lightly barbed with shapes that easily release the fish - not to mention that hooks sets are a snap as well.

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