Welcome to Cellmate Miniatures, selling under Zeke's 3wt Panfish Flies.  Unless stated otherwise, all foot figures sell for 45 cents each.  Other figures have their respective prices listed.  Figures are sold individually - no lots.  This is cast-on-demand process meaning I cast the figures you request.  Figures with an asterisk * denotes the mold is functional and the figure can be cast.  Other figures I'll have to find out as potential customers request them.  All figures are unpainted.  I included painted figures to show detail.  So, how do you order?  First, email me the type and number of figures you want.  Second, I'll e-mail you the cost for postage and confirm the total price for the miniatures.  If the cost of postage is acceptable, I'll proceed to attempt to cast your figures.   If not everything can cast, I'll let you know and we can determine the order from there.  If everything casts, I'll let you know and will send a custom-made PayPal invoice.  If you live outside of the State of Florida, you order is tax exempt because my sales are less the 200k a year. 

These figures are white metal, contain lead, and are fairly heavy - about seven foot figures per ounce.  

My e-mail address is cellmatez@verizon.net   Want to learn more about Cellmate Miniatures - read the Hubpages link:  Cellmate Miniatures - The Real Story

Boxer w/pistol & sword*

Boxer w/sword

Boxer w/Rifle

Boxer w/rifle

Boxer leader

Mounted boxer $1.50

Red lantern*

Red lantern w/sword

Kansu brave*

Gingal team $.90*

Warlord rocket and crew$1.80*

Warlord w/bow*

Warlord w/polearm $.90*

Warlord w/musket*

Warlord artillery*

Warlord w/rifle*


Mandarin officer*

Modern Imperial Chinese w/rifle*

Modern Imperial Chinese officer*

Traditional Imperial Chinese officer*

Traditional Imperial Chinese artillery

Traditional Imperial Chinese cav w/carbine *1.50
Traditional Imperial Chinese cav w/sword $1.50

Chinese civilian w/shovel

Chinese civilian w/hammer

Chinese w/basket*

Chinese butcher*

European civilian pistol & bag

European carving knife brigade

Singing fat lady

European civilian w/shotgun & field vest

US marine advancing

US marine officer

US infantry advancing

US infantry officer

US cav firing*

US cav officer

US Colt machine gun* $3.00

British marine advancing

British marine firing

Natal infantry advancing

Natal infantry officer

French sailor officer

French sailor advancing

HMS officer

HMS Chinese advancing

Japanese infantry officer

Japanese infantry advancing

Russian infantry advancing

Russian infantry firing

Russian infantry officer

Russian artillery w/shell

Russian artillery at ready

Russian artillery officer

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